PEAK Redesign Phase

January 2022 - September 2022

Latest News:

  • Weekly Dashboard Update - August 12, 2022

  • PEAK Town Hall (June 28, 2022)
    Online Town Hall held by senior leaders for any interested University employees, including a short overview and Q&A.  

  • PEAK Design Phase Overview and Updates (June 2, 2022)
    View recent updates on the PEAK design phase, including a look at conceptual organizational structure and accountabilities in this short narrated video (8.1 minutes) 

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Background Info

In January 2022, the PEAK Initiative shifted its focus to the Redesign Phase. Huron partnered with University staff in the PEAK Success Office (PSO) to kick off this phase and mobilized 6 multi-campus functional teams (including Chrome River).

Using a diversity, equity, and inclusion-informed approach in collaboration with functional teams function-specific service catalogs were drafted. The catalogs are comprised of over 1,000 discrete services. The Service Catalogs will align services with future state organizational structures, job descriptions, and service partnership agreements, among other tasks. Our work is informed by direct engagement with functional team members, the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as insight from staff across decentralized units and campuses. This work is being performed primarily by University employees and the focus now is on a subset of the opportunity areas helps mitigate concerns about capacity. 

PEAK functional teams worked on developing Service Partnership Agreement drafts for each function, which will identify and clarify the responsibilities for key services and expectations for service delivery. 

PEAK workgroups are tasked to look into HOW better service will look and operate.  The workgroups first seek to understand the specific steps of how tasks are accomplished. Then, these "business processes" are redesigned with the goal to be efficient, effective, and equitable. Concurrently, a PEAK workgroup works to improve the user experience in the Chrome River application, used by University faculty and staff to have business expenses reimbursed. 

Project Plan

Peak Design Activities and Approximate Timings as of January 2022

  1. Confirm current state (January - February 2022)
  2. Define the "work" and services required (January - March 2022)
  3. Align services to segments (January - March 2022)
  4. Formalize service management (March - June 2022)
  5. Organizational design* (March - June 2022) 
  6. Policy review* (January - May 2022)
  7. Evaluate need for process redesign* (March - June 2022)
  8. Determine staffing levels by position (June - August 2022)
  9. Technology assessment* (June - August 2022)
  10. Change management; diversity, equity, and inclusion work; cross-functional coordination (January - August 2022)

* Listed activities are indicative of comprehensive PEAK project plan but are not specific to all functional areas.