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Frequently Asked Questions Phase 1

Review some of the Phase 1 general frequently asked questions about PEAK. Additional questions about the Expression of Interest can be found on that page. Archived questions for each service area are also available. 

Phase 1 General Questions

These questions have been updated as of June 20, 2023.

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Why are we doing the PEAK Initiative?

PEAK is grounded in the principles of people aligned with work in a community where the employee experience is prioritized. Our goal is that PEAK will support our institutional mission by thoughtful investment of our resources. This initiative is about realigning our people, service excellence, and the cost efficiency of our delivered services so we can best support our institution systemwide.

How does PEAK align with MPact 2025?

The PEAK Initiative is a systemwide effort to identify opportunities across non-academic functions to increase consistency, reduce compliance risks, provide more equitable services, and gain capacity to help efficiently support our teaching, research, and outreach mission into the future.

What happens if I stay in my department?

Some work is moving. If you are doing work that is shifting to an operations center (for example, Leave Administration), then your campus or unit leadership will  determine how your role will change after PEAK implementation. If you remain with your campus or unit, you will no longer do Finance, Human Resources or Marketing and Communications related duties that are part of PEAK. 

How will PEAK affect my campus/college/unit?

Certain Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing and Communications will no longer be done at the campus/college/unit level and will move into an Operations Center or University Relations. This means some people who currently do those activities may move into an Operations Center or University Relations. 

Will my salary change if I work in an operations center or on a Marcom team?

Since roles filled through the EOI process are lateral transfers, most staff will find their salaries unchanged. If your salary is below the salary range minimum or lowest rate of the step scale, you will receive an increase that brings you to this minimum or lowest rate of the step scale. If your salary is above the salary range maximum, there will be no change to pay but any future salary increases will be awarded in the form of a lump-sum payment until your pay falls within the salary range. If you are moving to a labor-represented position and your pay is higher than the top rate on the step-scale, your pay will be adjusted to the top rate on the scale.

What training/retraining will be offered?

There will be training on new processes and tools prior to each phase "going live.” Additional information around training will be provided in the future.

Will PEAK allow for remote work?

People will not be required to relocate to another city to be a part of the Human Resources or Finance Operations Centers, Talent Acquisition Center of Expertise, or University Relations common good services teams. The leaders of each area are open to remote and flexible work, with some potential in-person opportunities. Specific space arrangements are in progress and exact locations for on-campus work opportunities are not yet known. 

Will layoffs occur?

The goal of PEAK is the realignment of work and the talented people who do the work. It is not aimed at a reduction in staff. We are currently at low levels of staffing across our institution, so our goal is to be thoughtful of our existing people and resources. The knowledge and experience of our current staff is valued and will be welcomed on new teams as part of a systemwide network that will leverage our shared institutional knowledge and resources to provide excellence in our services that are also equitable and efficient.

What positions are available in Human Resources, Finance and Marcom?

As part of Phase 1 implementation, there are several position descriptions that have been published that you can review if you are part of the Phase 1 participants. Additional positions will be posted as each group of participants goes through implementation.

Phase 1 Archive of FAQs

The most frequently asked questions through the assessment, design and some of the milestones of the implementation phase have been archived. If you have additional questions or need more information please contact the PEAK office


These questions have been archived as of June 27, 2023.

Additional Questions?

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