PEAK Implementation Phase 1 infographic 2.2023

PEAK Implementation Infographic

Milestone 1- Confirm Approach

Decide implementation timing and scope

Milestone 2- Operational Alignment

Meet with functional units to align on PEAK structure and timing

Milestone 3- Plan Workforce Transition

Plan for work and people moving into the PEAK structure, those that will remain at their campus/college/unit

Milestone 4- Expression of Interest

Interested staff will be asked to express interest in PEAK roles

Milestone 5-Talent and Work Realignment

Conversations between PEAK leaders and interested staff regarding PEAK-created positions

Milestone 6- Training

Training begins for staff moving into PEAK-created roles

Milestone 7- Readiness Confirmation

Finalization of staff moving into PEAK-related roles and prep for PEAK Phase 1 Go-Live date