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Milestone 5 - Talent & Work Realignment

Talent and work realignment is milestone 5 of PEAK Implementation. This is the workforce transition period of shifting job responsibilities and reporting lines for some staff. People who expressed interest and completed an informational dialogue will receive an Appointment Change letter if they are transitioning to one of the operation centers or common good service teams. Current supervisors and involved staff discuss the current workload and arrange to hand off tasks that are not moving to the operations centers or common good service teams. If you will be reporting to a new supervisor, your new supervisor will reach out to help you learn about your new responsibilities. Those who remain in their current campus, college, or unit will work with their supervisor, HR Lead, and other transition team members to learn about how remaining work will be redistributed within the department.

Who Can Apply Now for Open Positions?

The complete descriptions, qualifications and requirements for all Phase 1 positions will be listed on the University job site as need arises and will remain posted until filled or closed by the hiring manager. Once Phase 2 Implementation begins, new positions will be posted on the University job site with preference given to internal candidates and then published here on the PEAK website.

Key Dates 

  • Aug-Oct: Positions for Phase 1 were filled through the .
  • Oct-Dec: People will begin to transition from their current units to their new appointments.


Open positions for Phase 1 have been filled. Transitions systemwide are underway. Any additional positions that may be needed for Phase 1 will be posted on the University job site

(NOTE: Internal candidates will be given priority consideration and are encouraged to apply if any Phase 1 positions reopen. Hiring managers will review applications and determine if these positions are made available to external candidates.)

These positions have been updated as of November 13, 2023.

Contact Us

Please ask questions, provide comments and share feedback. The project team is available to provide additional informational sessions, share implementation materials and gather feedback to help the function areas of Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, and IT throughout the Implementation phase. 

Use the PEAK contact form to contact the PEAK office.