The PEAK Initiative

Positioned for Excellence, Alignment, and Knowledge

PEAK is currently in the Redesign Phase.


  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Chrome River

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About The PEAK Initiative

The Positioned for Excellence, Alignment and Knowledge (PEAK) Initiative is a systemwide effort that will identify opportunities across non-academic functions to increase efficiency or gain capacity, which in turn will help steer our teaching, research, and outreach mission into the future.

Functions within the scope of the project include:

  • general administration
  • finance
  • information technology
  • facilities management
  • student services
  • human resources
  • communications and marketing
  • global programs and activities
  • research administration
  • procurement
  • development
  • auxiliary activities

Comments & Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Frequently asked questions page with answers about this initiative.

If you have comments about the PEAK Initiative, please contact [email protected].

Contact Us

Faculty and staff involvement is critical to the PEAK Initiative's success and we look forward to continuing to engage with individuals from all five campuses throughout this effort. Please continue to ask questions, provide comments, and share feedback via our feedback form or email our project team at [email protected]

The PEAK Initiative is co-chaired by:

Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations Myron Frans and
Vice President for Human Resources Ken Horstman