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Our people, their work and the services we collectively provide are at the forefront of the PEAK Initiative. It's about working better together and being able to provide excellence in our service areas across the University of Minnesota system to ensure the success of our teaching, research and outreach mission.

Meet the Staff, Managers and Directors 

The service areas are in the process of hiring directors, managers and training staff to run the Finance Operation Center (FinOps), the Human Resource Center (HRC), Marcom common good service teams, and lead IT.  


Executive Sponsors:

Function Sponsors:

  • Finance: Michael Volna, Associate VP & Assistant CFO
  • Finance: Julie Tonneson, Vice President & Budget Director
  • Finance & Procurement: Mollie Viola, Controller
  • Human Resources: Amy Kucera, Senior Director for HR Operations
  • Information Technology: Bernard Gulachek, Vice President & CIO
  • Marketing & Communications: Ann Aronson, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing & Communications: Chuck Tombarge, Chief Public Relations Officer

Transition Teams

The full list of Phase 1 transition team members can be viewed on the Implementation page and includes representatives from Finance, Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), and Marketing and Communications (Marcom).