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Milestone 7 - Transition of Services

PEAK Phase 1 has reached Milestone 7, the Transition of Services milestone (“Go Live”). This is when HR, Finance and Marcom services will transition to  the Finance and HR Operations and Marcom Common Good Services centers for Phase 1 units. More information on the new service models is listed below.

Leading up to the transition of services was a lot of work and collaboration. 

  • Some people have transitioned to the operation centers or common good services teams. 
  • Campus, college, and unit transition teams have worked with leaders, supervisors, leads and involved staff to discuss work transition. Arrangements have been made to hand off tasks that are not moving to the operations centers or common good service teams. 
  • Training and onboarding for new appointments has been completed for the Finance and HR operation centers. Marcom will be finished by the end of December.

What Does this Transition Mean?

For the majority of Phase 1 Faculty and Staff this will not change how we ask for Finance or HR support. Each Phase 1 campus, college, or unit will decide how they will engage the operations centers, so changes to local processes will vary. For those who will be interacting with the operations centers, more information will be coming from your Transition Teams, usually your CFM, HR Lead, IT Lead, and Marcom Lead.

Key Dates 

  • December 4, 2023: Finance and HR will start processing service requests for the units whose work was identified to move to an operations center for processing.
  • Early December 2024: Marketing and Communications staff will begin transitioning and training with their new teams to provide common good services systemwide.
  • Beginning January 2024: Common good services will be available to all Phase 1 units.

New Phase 1 Service Models

On December 4, 2023 the new service model changes will begin for all Phase 1 participants in the Finance and Human Resource areas. Marcom will begin offering common good services in January 2024. Below are the services that can be requested from each.

Details about the FinOps Center and the finance services offered, can be reviewed on the University Finance website.

The HR Center service model can be reviewed on the OHR website. Resource materials for HR services are available by logging in with your University ID.

Marketing and Communications common good services are arranged with each campus, college or unit. View the range of work by University Relations and contact your Marcom lead to determine if the scope of your project falls within one of the common good services teams. The Marcom lead for the campus, college or unit will coordinate work that will be completed by the common goods services team. Work that will be completed at the college, campus or unit level will be determined by the Marcom lead or the person they identify. 

The services that can be requested from each area are listed below. 

Service Request Contacts by Area:

Human Resources: Call 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363 or email [email protected]

FinOps Center: Email [email protected]

Marcom common good services: Contact your Marcom lead.


Contact Us

Please ask questions, provide comments and share feedback. The project team is available to provide additional informational sessions, share implementation materials and gather feedback to help the function areas of Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, and IT throughout the Implementation phase. 

Use the PEAK contact form to contact the PEAK office.