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Meet Jenni Larson

FinOps Center Accounting Manager

Jenni has over twenty-five years of experience working in finance and administration at the University of Minnesota. She has worked with the University of Minnesota Extension, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, and the College of Science and Engineering. She has experience in all areas of finance, having served in key leadership positions where she was able to significantly improve financial operations. Most importantly, Jenni has learned how to work effectively within this large organization and has creatively and collaboratively solved complex financial and budgetary problems. 

Jenni’s vast experience in finance operations and leadership have prepared her well for this new role. She values and supports a collaborative team environment and looks forward to working together with the common goal of providing outstanding financial services and contributing to the success of the FinOps Center.

Portrait of Jenni Larson


Q & A with Jenni

To learn more about her previous experience and leadership style we talked with Jenni about the new role within the FinOps Center.

Q: What do you believe will be the biggest resource that the Fin Ops Center will provide campuses, colleges, and units?

A: I think the biggest resource is a dedicated team of experts who will process financial transactions accurately and efficiently. Collectively, our team has a tremendous amount of experience, and we will be working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Q: How will you lead your staff to stay connected with the Fin Ops Center and work closely with the units you will be supporting systemwide?

A: We will have ongoing team meetings, one-on-one check ins, and opportunities to come together in person. We will be responsive to the needs of the units we are supporting.

Q: What’s your leadership style?

A: My leadership style is collaborative. I thrive in a team environment where we work together by identifying and using our individual strengths to achieve shared goals together. I believe strongly in communicating clear expectations and leading by example.

Q: How did your career lead you where you are today?

A: My entire professional career has been at the University of Minnesota, in various colleges and departments. I have worked in almost every area of finance and each one of those experiences was an opportunity to gain a better understanding of this institution, develop great relationships and contribute to financial problem solving.

Q: What are some of the challenges ahead that you will be working through as you begin working in the FinOps Center?

A: The challenge, as I see it and hear from others, is that this is a new way of doing things at the University.  There is no road map to follow, but that is also the exciting part of this journey! The Fin Ops Center will create efficiencies, elevate compliance, and provide opportunities and support for staff. 

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working to manage accounts for the FinOps Center?

A: I enjoy time with family and friends, nurturing my green thumb, and seeking out new challenges and experiences.